Academic Writing 1-1 - Einzeltraining akademisches Schreiben (10736)


Kurs Academic Writing 1-1 - Einzeltraining akademisches Schreiben
Zeitraum 01.07.2020 — 31.12.2020
Preis 56,00 €
Status laufender Kurs
Level B2
Kategorie Young Learners
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Dozent Herr Francesco Cassano
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Academic Writing 1-1

Anyone who has ever written any longer text irrespective of its genre will likely agree that developing one’s topic and planning the writing process not only take up most of the time on the writing project, but arguably pose the biggest challenge to the writer. It is with the latter assumption in mind that we have developed our 1-1 training in academic writing. While it is the purpose of our 1-1 sessions, which can be booked flexibly from 07:00 to 20:00 including weekends, and even at short notice, to support you in the development and structuring of the topics for your term papers, bachelor or master theses in the fields of economics, business administration and international management, it is our goal to help you draw up a consistent and clear outline for your academic texts in the aforementioned disciplines in as few as two sessions. Needless to add, perhaps, that you can choose between face-to-face and online training (via ZOOM)...


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